Monday, March 18, 2013

Playoff Time!

We're in the final two weeks of Lent, with Holy Week and Easter irritatingly close - so much to do!  Thank goodness the NCAA finally announced the basketball tournament brackets yesterday.

Missouri made it in, as did Harvard - although why is Harvard, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean, in the West division?  Mind-boggling!  Here's hoping both teams make it further than they did last year.

I saw this cartoon in the latest issue of The Christian Century - how appropriate, both seasonally and theologically!

And if that's not religious enough, here's a link to the 2013 Lent Madness.  As in previous years, two priests fill a bracket with the names of saints, who are put "in competition" with each other to see who'll wind up with the Golden Halo.

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